Welcome to the SRC documentation!

The Shared Recruiting Co., or SRC (pronounced "source"), is an open source, candidate-centric recruiting platform that promotes two-way opt-in communication between candidates and companies.

For candidates, SRC keeps your inbox distraction free when you aren't looking for a role and supercharges your search once you are.

For companies, SRCĀ stops you from wasting time sourcing candidates that aren't actively looking for a new role. SRC integrates into your existing recruiting stack and automatically re-engages interested candidates once they are ready for a new role.

Invite Only

SRC is currently invite only. If you know SRC member, have them refer you.

If not, join the waitlist. You'll receive an email once you can create an account!

If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to reach out to


At SRC, we use the term candidate loosely. The rise in direct outbound recruiting has blurred the definition of a candidate. Companies reach out to individuals whether or not they are looking for a job, so we use the same definition at SRC. A candidate is both active and prospective candidate. If you are ever looking for a new job, you are a candidate!