Core Concepts

Email Settings

Use email settings to tune SRC to your preferences.

Hide Recruiting Emails from Inbox

Keep your inbox distraction free when you aren't actively looking for a new role.

When this setting is enabled, all recruiting emails will be automatically marked as read, archived, and moved under the @SRC/Jobs/Opportunity folder.

Block Automated Email Sequences (Coming Soon)

Block automated recruiting sequences by automatically replying to recruiters with a standard message.

When this setting is enabled, all new recruiting emails will be receive an automated reply to prevent automated follow ups.

Coming Soon

Want to try out this feature? Let us know by 👍 this Github issue

Auto-Contribute Recruiting Emails

At SRC, we want to build the best recruiting experience for candidates. We want to automate away all the parts of the recruiting process that isn't essential to the qualification process.

To do this, we are collecting examples of recruiting emails to train our models on. When this settings is enabled, all recruiting emails you receive will be added to the recruiting email dataset. These emails will exclusively used for improving SRC and will not be shared with anyone.

You can always contribute emails manually by forwarding them to