You don't have to know how to code to contribute to SRC. The best way to contribute to SRC is by participating in the community!


Found a typo on the website? Want to add a cool animation? Know how to improve the performance of one of SRC's cloud functions?

Fork the repository, make a PR, and contribute! You can read more in our contribution guidelines.


To help you get familiar with the codebase and how SRC works, here is the high-level architecture

SRC Architecture Diagram


One of the simplest ways to contribute to SRC is by sharing recruiting emails. At SRC, we want to build the best recruiting experience for candidates. We want to automate away all the parts of the recruiting process that isn't essential to the qualification process.

To do this, we are collecting recruiting emails to train our models on. If SRC misses a recruiting email or labels an email incorrectly, help us improve by forwarding the email to