Reach Candidates
at the Right Time

The Shared Recruiting Co. (SRC) is a sourcing sidekick that integrates into your existing recruiting stack to help you find the right candidates at the right time.

*SRC is currently in an invite only beta. If you already have an account, log in

Better Response Rates
Without Automated Follow Ups

SRC lets you start the conversation off on the right foot. No more endless follow ups just to get a reply.

Supercharged Sourcing

SRC integrates and enhances the recruiting tools you already use. Whether you use Gem, Greenhouse, Lever, or another tool, SRC has you covered.

Stay Focused

SRC eliminates the need for boilerplate back and forths and automated follow ups. Your recruiting team can focus on what matters most: hiring the best people.

Always Be Recruiting

Don't start from scratch every time you have a new job opening. SRC passively builds you a talent pool of interested candidates so you can fill your next job opening in no time.

Discover Similar Candidates

SRC surfaces similar candidates that are actively looking for new opportunities to ones you've already sourced.

Timing Matters

SRC manages timing for you. With SRC, your job will be front and center for every candidate you source the moment they are ready to make a move.

Guaranteed Delivery

Never worry about open rates or your emails going to spam again. SRC guarantees candidates will see and review your opportunity.

The SRC Process

Sync & Integrate
SRC syncs with your outbound recruiting tools to import your job opportunities and candidates you've already reached out.
Source & Message
Source candidates as usual. SRC detects any candidate you reach out and automatically adds your opportunity to the candidates job board.
Review & Engage
SRC automatically connects your with interested candidates you've previously reached out to and notifies you when they're ready to engage.

Candidates Love Companies on SRC

Save time, money, and make candidates happier with SRC.

Increase in Candidate Engagement
Less Time Spent on Recruiting Coordination
Less Automated Email Follow Ups
Better for Candidates.
Better for Companies.
Better for Recruiting.

Frequently Asked Questions

For any additional questions, please reach out to us at We'd love to chat!